Delzin Dastoor

Head of Y3

"My name is Delzin Dastoor, and it has been four years, since I moved to Dubai, from Mumbai, India. This year marks the beginning of my fifth-year teaching at GFS and tenth year in my career as a teacher. I have previously been the Head of English for KS2 at GFS for 3 years and this year I have stepped into the role of Head of Year 3. 
As a leader I ensure that students develop and progress across the year group, and this goes hand in hand with effective teaching and learning. I believe it is important to choose content and activities that are both significant and challenging for the students so that they are stimulated to think beyond their comfort zone. Passion is something that drives learning to unimaginable peaks, and this is what I aim for: to create a passion among the learners in Year 3, in order for them to achieve the unimaginable. This passion that I have always had for teaching and learning has made me who I am today and my objective is to see the same being cultivated within my team."
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