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Parents and guardians should be at the heart of any child's education. We value our parents' feedback and ensure they have the best experience at GFS. Read through all of our parent testimonials below.

  • Kandil Family

    GFS proves to be an incredible community accessible to everyone with young children.

    GFS proves to be an incredible community accessible to everyone with young children. We became a part of it during the challenging days of the COVID-19 pandemic when schools were closed, and online learning replaced in-person classes. Despite the difficulties faced by both parents and children during this time, we were pleasantly surprised to discover a top-notch educational experience in every aspect through GFS.

  • Rivetti Family

    At GFS since 2016

    Founders is like a second home to us, as we are one of the many founding families and have witnessed the growth and success of GFS from the very beginning. We all love the welcoming atmosphere at the school and the way the diverse nationalities have come together to form a united community. My children are so happy to come to school and that makes me very content and reassured, as I know that my kids are in safe hands. Moreover, they are continuously improving academically and personally, demonstrating a range of HPL life skills that will help them in the future continue to Grow, Flourish and Succeed. Thank you, GFS!
  • Khamis Family

    At GFS since 2017

    I have been with GEMS Founders School, Dubai since 2017. The school is always supportive to the kids and encouraging them to be the best they can. 

    The hard-working staff always greet parents with a smile and are always friendly and helpful, especially Ms. Monia the Parent Relations Executive. She does her best to keep parents happy and satisfied, her hard work and kindness is highly appreciated.

    During the Covid 19 situation, we were all worried about our children's safety, but the school followed the safety protocols with the KHDA which helped us feel that our kids were in safe hands.

  • Soroka Family

    The school only gets better and better

    "Two our children have been studying at GEMS Founders School, Dubai for last 5 years. The school only gets better and better. Staff are always open to feedback and it’s easy to reach out to all the different departments. There are frequent webinars and sessions held for parents, and before the pandemic the children often went on educational visits. The children so enjoy special events like sports days, international day and thematic days like book days, science day and pirate day when the children dress up in costumes. The teachers find creative ways to explain things to the children and when there are issues the school actively tries to solve them quickly. GEMS Founders School, Dubai is a very friendly school for both children and parents."


    Maria Soroka

  • Deeb Family

    Everyday is an exciting day

    "Every day, when my kids are super excited to go to school, I feel blessed and, at the end of the day, they don't stop telling me about what they are doing and how much are enjoying learning. We feel so happy that we are part of GFS.

    As a mum, I could not be more grateful and feel secure that my kids are in good hands and learning in an open atmosphere. My children are receiving the correct approach on how to learn and how to use the skills of learning in their practical life, which is very important for the kids to then become successful in their later life and not to depend on just passing exams to graduate.

    We feel this daily with the teacher and it is emphasised by how they handle the kids and how they welcome children’s mistakes to make them stronger and learn from failure.

    There are wonderful and supportive teachers taking care of every child from the drop-off area up until the highest management team.

    Thank you GFS for making me proud of my kids and supporting us as parents."
    Mickael Elias Deeb


  • Rajani Family

    At GFS since 2018

    GFS has a very warm and positive atmosphere. Right from the reception to the school leaders, everyone always has welcoming smiles on their faces. The staff and teachers guide the students as well as the parents to allow a smooth transition especially, if you're new and answer any queries.

    One of the best things about GFS is their communication. The way school communicates with parents is impeccable. We are always informed well in advance about the activities and workshops that will happen. 
    Student happiness and well-being is the top priority at GFS. I really love how they focus on a complete personality development along with academics. The introduction of things like HPL skills make students aware of the skills they need to develop or are using and how it's important. This teaches students responsibility and makes them independent. 
    The studies themselves challenge students to think outside the box and make links between subjects. There is a good motivation system with achievement points and praises. 
    GFS is such a multi-cultural school with over a 100 nationalities and they all work in harmony together. I really like the celebration of cultures through International Day; it always fills me with a sense of pride, as I realise that we are a part of such a diverse community. 
    There are many different after school clubs and activities for students to take part in and many information sessions for parents. I attended quite a few last year when my daughter transitioned from key stage 3 to key stage 4 and they really ease your worries.

    Hints and Tips: One important thing in this relationship between parents and school is trust; you need to trust the teachers and the school, especially for those new to the curriculum. The other aspect is communication - if you have any doubts, please communicate with the teachers, through email as they do respond back. There are many things done online, using Teams for example or Onedrive. When the students are facing technical issues they should contact IT.

  • Kapoor Family

    At GFS since 2019

    As parents, we believe that progressive education is a great way to prepare our daughter for future ways of working, which is why we chose GFS.

    Our daughter feels very comfortable and loves going to school and to interact with teachers and classmates. She is so blessed to have teachers so hard working and encouraging. 

    Thank you GFS for your endurance, quality care, enthusiasm, diligent efforts and passion you provide each and every day. It’s lovely to be part of GFS.

  • Kapadia Family

    At GFS since 2016

    Words fall short at expressing our gratitude toward the entire GFS team of its teachers and staff alike for working so hard day in and day out to bring out the best in our children. It is aptly said that the fine teachers show the children where to look but do not tell them what to see. As a parent, it is very gratifying for me to see the HPL philosophy being implemented at GFS where in each and every child, irrespective of their individual IQ or background, is believed to be capable of achieving their maximum potential and become high performance learners. It is truly heartening to see GFS grow, flourish and succeed towards greater heights. We are excited to be a part of the GFS HPL journey and be involved in child-parent activities as a team, as our school progressively makes its way to being accredited as a World Class School.

    Hints and Tips: I strongly urge the parents to learn and understand the HPL philosophy to be able to understand how they can help and support their children at home which will eventually translate to their studies at school and help them to become high performance learners. They can do this by actively participating in the webinars and informative workshops held by the school. Also, always take out a few minutes to complete the surveys periodically conducted by the school as parents’ feedback is valuable and it will help all of us work together as a team towards successful improvement.

  • Gurung Family

    At GFS since 2017

    We have been with GEMS Founders School since 2017 and the change in my kids since starting at GFS is nothing short of transformational. It has taught my son not only about academics but also so much about himself. It allows him to explore his thoughts and ideas, through both successes and failures, pushing him beyond his present boundaries. The teachers celebrate his successes and steadfastly stand by his side with support when it is needed. It’s a wonderful environment to grow in.

  • Guha Family

    At GFS since 2016, both Children Graduated from Primary to Secondary

    We are one of the founding families of GEMS Founders. Both our children have graduated from primary to secondary in this school. We have seen the school build from brick and mortar to an established institution within four years of its opening. The school has provided a great wholesome environment to our kids and is nurturing them into their own strong characters. The most important aspect of the school is providing a very global surrounding which teaches respect, mindfulness and tolerance to the kids. The leadership team has a great vision for the school and all the teachers and staff work in collaboration towards it. The school encourages all parents to participate in events and get involved in various activities held in school.  Our kids love the school and as parents we are very happy to send our kids to this wonderful school. 

  • Arora Family

    At GFS since 2020

    We enrolled our two children to GEMS Founders School in 2020 and our experience so far has been fabulous. The administrative and the teaching staff are very friendly and cooperative. The facilities are contemporary, hygienic and age appropriate for the students. We found the communication from the school to be clear, concise and timely. Whenever we have faced a problem or challenge, we found the school staff to be prompt and responsive in finding solutions for us. The teaching pedagogy is interactive and engaging, thereby making learning fun for the children. We would undoubtedly recommend the school to all of our friends and family.

  • Al Marri Family

    Founding Family at GFS

    What we love about Founders is the sense of belonging. The atmosphere at Founders is something special and knowing that once I have dropped my children at school that they are in safe hands. I'm sure it's not an easy task to manage a school of this size, and everyone involved does a great job, especially as the school has grown so quickly over the last few years. It has been a pleasure to watch the school grow and go from strength to strength each year. It makes us proud to be part of the Founders family. 

    Hints and Tips: Communication is key. All the members of staff are very approachable and more than happy to help you or point you in the right direction if you have any concerns. And a little patience goes a long way, especially during drop off and pickup! 

  • Miscevic Family

    5th Year at GFS

    Our dad works out of the country for most of the year and this is why you can't see him on the photo. 

    We love all the teachers so far and what they brought out in my son, and hopefully now in my daughter. Always open communication and we love that the kids learn from the books and not only iPads. We are always impressed with how helpful and responsive and if I may add, patient all the staff are whenever we require assistance or clarification with anything. We feel that GFS staff really love what they do and they genuinely care about the children. The Principal is approachable and always present around the school. Once the initial stress of the school year beginning is gone you start feeling like this is your second home. 

    Hints and Tips: Download all the applications and get into the systems from the beginning so yo don't miss out important information. 

  • Sanjay Family

    5th Year at GFS

    What we love most with Founders is, it is dedicated to then overall personality development of students rather than prioritizing their academic skillset alone. Teacher and staff at all levels are approachable and open to communication. When our child moved in from a different curriculum we were concerned about the transition phase, but thanks to the concern of the teachers and their efforts and regular guidance as well as tips to us, she has settled in well. The school efforts in organising various events regularly for social causes are also commendable. As children participate and contribute to such events, they are learning to be responsible in society and important good qualities are inculcated in them. 

    Hints and Tips: Our top tip would be that both parents download all apps, to be on top of communication and be involved in the child's school-related activities. Regularly read all newsletters sent. 
    Reach out to concerned departments or those in charge for any specific queries directly, instead of calling up reception or emailing only the class teacher for all queries. Organised communication helps all parties involved.

  • Hussam Family

    Thank you GEMS Founders School! - Yomna Hussam

    I would like to take a chance to thank GEMS Founders School board and staff for opening to listen and discuss different points of view and perspectives, always willing to improve and sticking to the guidelines. Also, I consider teachers as heroic to be able to communicate very well with parents and do their best to deliver the quality of learning to our children during difficult time of COVID-19. It takes a highly qualified team to achieve the best during a time with a lot of variables. Thanks GFS for your resilience and perseverance to achieve the best at all times.

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