Meet Our Team

Our Team

Our team has been carefully selected for their dedication to pursuing educational excellence and their commitment to supporting student growth. GEMS Founders School – Dubai is an international school with an international student-body, and our staff are trained and qualified to bring out the best in our multi-cultural community and support it with best practices.

As a GEMS Education school, we pride ourselves on offering a high standard of education, and our team receives ongoing training to continue to meet these evolving standards.

Leadership Team

Our school is organised by a team of professionals with extensive administrative and management experience. Our position as a respected National Curriculum for England school in Dubai is strengthened by our Leadership Team’s approach to managing the school’s processes and systems. Continuous assessment and development opportunities are provided to our team to ensure GEMS Founders School is up-to-date with the latest practices and that our staff are given ample opportunities to develop their professional identities.

Faculty Team

At GEMS Founders School – Dubai, we believe that students can be inspired to become true lifelong learners who actively seek knowledge and pursue innovation. Because of this, we have selected a faculty of staff who are passionate about learning and who are role models for our students to look up to. Our faculty are highly-qualified in their fields, with extensive experience. Through ongoing training and development, our faculty remain up-to-date with advances in their fields and can integrate these advances in the classroom. We value our faculty and their importance to our students’ learning.

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    Mr. Matthew Burfield

    A Message from the Principal
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    We value diversity, equality and altruism

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    The GEMS Founders School Family
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    Our students have had the opportunity to reflect and share their initial experiences of school life

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