GEMS Founders School – Dubai offers a high standard education to students in Dubai. Our structured international curriculum gives our students the tools they will need to assess and solve problems. This approach is based on the belief that students grow through learning. And by teaching our students this important skill, they will be prepared for the future and be inspired to seek knowledge.

Exploration, innovation, problem-solving, independent expression, decision-making and other employable skills are actively encouraged through our curriculum and enrichment lessons. Students become informed, confident and active learners with a strong sense of self.

A GEMS Education prepares students to face the challenges of the future by creating education programmes relevant to today's world.

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Vocational Learning

Gems Founders School continues to grow as it sets to expand it curriculum offering to incorporate a range of Vocational courses which students may embark upon. The motto of the Vocational department is “Creating Pathways to Excellence” and as of September 2022 students will be able to opt into the following courses:


The main aim behind vocational education is to create alternative pathways and methods of learning for our young people. All of the courses are accredited by Pearson Edexcel and will lead to the acquisition of globally recognized qualifications. Vocational and Alternative lessons will engage our students in both theoretical and practical learning which will equip them with relevant employability skills. The curriculum content will foster a can-do and hands on approach to learning to encourage short and long term aspirations allowing students to GROW, FLOURISH and SUCCEED in the host of careers and vocations that they may choose to pursue as they enter adulthood.