Innovation and E-Learning

Innovation at GFS

At GEMS Founders School, we use technology in a variety of ways to enhance the provision for our learners. It is used within lessons to support the learning and to ensure our learners become digitally literate, allowing them to develop vital 21st century skills. It is also used to support learning outside of school and for effective communication. 

Our teachers at GFS are innovative in their approach to learning, constantly trying out new ways to make our lessons more exciting for the learners. We have a wide range of technologies available for use within school including fully equipped ICT labs, iPads and a range of learning technologies. We have also successfully embedded the use of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) across the school.. 

GEMS Classroom is used through the school from FS1-Y13. This is used in a variety of ways to share learning experiences and support lessons. Lower down the school we also use Seesaw to develop learning journals and showcase work to parents. 

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