House System

The HOUSE system in GFS is making us all incredibly proud of the fine young men and women who were elected as House captains last year. Their role modelling of what stuednts voicec looks like in a community of over 4000 students has been really impressive. Our students have been empowered to lead their peers in a number of initiatives and have a voice. As they proudly raised the flag for each event be it sports day or for a whole school House event the students were proud to be part of their House. A culmination of all these events and our house points calculated on our online SIMS makes the winning HOUSE every year. 

The students are preparing from now a massive celebration which will be attended by student house leaders and member of the schools senior leadership. Well done all house leaders for your hard work this year.

Quotes of some of the student’s leaders: 
* It was an honour serving as your first sixth form Air House captain for the year. I›m proud of all that my house has accomplished, appreciating every effort put in. Gaining victory or falling behind defeat, we will come back next year with twice as much energy. Remember, we are that cooling breeze in the midst of a hot summer day - so who said Air house isn›t cool! Imsha Jawad 13A

* This year has been an eventful year. We accomplished so much together as a family. I participated in Football Competition and sports day. I was happy to help during Sports Day. Mostafa Mohammed-11C

* Being sports representative this year was an honor. I’ve enjoyed working with the Water team and wish them all the best in the upcoming school years.     Asma Moolla 10C

* Achieving this position of Discipline Monitor, made me realize my true potential. Thanks to all for an amazing year.   Amaan Vasani – 11C

* I had participated in numerous competitions such as the Science Fair, GFS Expo ABIA 2019 and the Pi Day Challenge. I wish to thank all my teachers for their support and putting their trust in me.   Meeval Soonej – 10F


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