Jamie Hagan

Advanced Skills Teacher

[email protected]

I am originally from Ireland where I gained a BA in Art & Design Education, with a specialism in Fine Art Painting. I worked as a Secondary School Art Teacher for a number of years before returning to education to receive an MA in Art Psychotherapy. I moved to Dubai in 2017 and commenced by journey at GEMS Founders School. Over the years I have worked as a Teacher of Art & Design, teaching all year groups from Year 3 to Year 13. I had the privilege of being the Head of the Art Department for 3 years, growing the Art & Design subject throughout the school to now have well established and successful GCSE and A Level courses, whilst also ensuring our learners are immersed in a positive, creative environment within their art lessons and beyond. 

Over the past two years I have enjoyed my role as an Advanced Skills Teacher and I am looking forward to continuing in this position. In this role I aim to create, and support others in creating an environment where learners at GEMS Founders School have the opportunity to self-explore, self-discover, and self-develop. I strive to facilitate in the creation of experiences that encourage learners in building confidence and self-awareness. Whilst also ensuring learners are constantly receiving the appropriate support and challenge they need to build the necessary skills they require to successfully and independently embark on all aspects of their future lives; academic, creative, professional, personal, social and emotional. I have built and continue to roll out a bespoke Character Education Curriculum which aims to support our learners in their character development and in building a positive sense of self.

I am excited to take on a new responsibility in becoming a School Professional Development Leader. In this role I aim to ensure all staff are supported appropriately so that they feel confident in their jobs and have opportunities to grow and progress in their career.