Amgad Helmy

Founders Development Leader/Assistant Headteacher - Key Stage 4


As one of the founding leaders at GEMS Founders School I am delighted to return and continue to serve this vibrant and trailblazing educational institution. I have witnessed and lived the growth, as well as the challenges and successes of the school from its first moments in 2016, as the Curriculum Enrichment Coordinator, and then as Head of Students’ Welfare for the whole school. I thoroughly enjoy creating and initiating opportunities for the students, particularly ECAs and other areas of student enrichment. During my time at GEMS Founders School, the students have been always the centre of my attention and they will continue to be so.

Having been involved in education for the past 21 years,14 of these years with GEMS education, has made me aware about the diversity and the quality of education that GFS is providing for our students. I decided to expand my knowledge and experience to start my master’s degree in education and my PGCE with the University of Sunderland in England.  

I like to consider myself as a citizen of the world. As a Canadian citizen with Egyptian roots, I have taught across three continents and am proud of the vast experience I have gathered. Most recently, teaching in one of the top 100 schools in the world, at St. Christopher’s School in Bahrain. I bring to the profession a relentless energy and enthusiasm for all young people and their learning opportunities. I have had the unique opportunity to work and deliver different curricula, starting with the National Curriculum of England, IGCSE as well as the American and the Canadian curricula. 
I have been fortunate to prepare for different accreditation and inspection processes, including BSME, COBIS, NEASC and KHDA. These systems help guide practitioners to raise the standards of quality for our students. It enables us as school leaders to have an overview of the important pathways our students are exposed to as they journey through our school and push their achievement even higher.

I am elated to return to my beloved GFS as a Founders’ Development leader. I look forward to greeting you in English or Arabic in due course, as we navigate our students’ academic journeys.  I hope that together we can achieve the GFS mission: Together we inspire creative, mindful learners who value diversity, support one another and strive for success.