Vinoy Chirammal Varghese

Deputy Head of Physical Education

[email protected]

As a Deputy Head of Physical Education, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Vinoy C Varghese, and I am honored to hold this position at GEMS Founders School, Al Barsha.
With a strong passion for promoting an active and healthy lifestyle, I have dedicated my career to fostering physical fitness and well-being among students. I have the experience working as a PE teacher in India and Head of the Department in Kuwait and Dubai where I had the opportunity to work closely with students from all ages and I believe in creating a positive and inclusive learning environment that inspires students to develop their physical abilities, embrace teamwork through collaborative learning. I also had the opportunity to work as a Sports Officer in India where I worked very closely with finest coaches from different games.

As the Deputy Head of Physical Education, my responsibilities include collaborating with Head of the department to design and implement comprehensive PE programs, assessing student progress, preparing various teams and organizing sporting events and competitions. 

I am dedicated to staying updated with the latest research and trends in Physical Education, as well as seeking professional development opportunities to continuously enhance my skills and knowledge. I strive to create a culture fitness and sportsmanship among students.