Sabina Zamiindar

Head of Earth House Primary

[email protected]

Hello, my name is Sabina Zamindar and I am from the vibrant state of Gujarat, India. I am the Head of Earth House as well as a Year 5 homeroom teacher. It has truly been an amazing journey being a part of GFS since joining in 2021. I’ve always had an affinity towards the teaching profession which I’ve dedicated my life to, for more than 2 decades working with Primary and Middle School children. Understanding how these young minds learn, intrigues me every day which is one of the reasons why I love what I do. I have a Master’s Degree in Education and I believe in creating teaching experiences that are contextual and student-centric. Planning sessions with hands-on activities that inspire young ones to overcome challenges has been an important part of my teaching career. In my spare time, I love exploring various materials and creating DIY products, listening to music, travelling, and trying out my hand at gardening. I look forward to a fantastic year ahead at GFS.