Megan Smith

Science Subject Lead Lower Key Stage 2

[email protected]

Hello everyone. My name is Megan Smith and I am the Head of Science for Lower Key Stage 2 as well as a Year 3 teacher, here at GEMS Founders School. This will be my second year at GFS and I look forward to embracing the new opportunity of leading Science.

Before making the leap to the Dubai, I was teaching in England for 3 years where I gained my Degree and started my career in teaching. Growing up, I always loved being in school and always wanted to be a teacher who children could look up too, just like I did to my teacher. This year, I have the new exciting challenge of being the LKS2 Lead for Science which fascinates me. The idea of creating a love for leading Science and also giving children an opportunity to love Science has become a very important goal for me to achieve this year. One of my favourite things about teaching is being able to provide children the experience to explore, investigate and also discover their own learning. I am very passionate about active learning and aim to foster engagement and enthusiasm into the learners here at GFS. I am excited about further developing Science at GFS this year, and aim to provide all of our learners with engaging lessons and life-long skills.