Kevin Henry

Assistant Headteacher Key Stage 5

[email protected]

It is a real pleasure to have the role of Assistant Headteacher for Key Stage 5 at GEMS Founders School. I am delighted to work closely with ambitious and proactive Year 12 and Year 13 and support them to make a step closer towards their bright future. I have the chance to work with a fantastic team who is here to support our students to become the adults of tomorrow and to flourish in their learning journey. To me, it is a crucial time to help students in their journey and make sure we provide what is necessary for them to reflect, be curious and proactive in their life so they are ready for their next adventure at university and in the world of work. I do also believe that wellbeing is a key element to success and will ensure this is one of the pillars of our Key Stage, so our students can develop both academically and socially in a positive and nurturing environment.