Sixth Form Pedagogy

Within Key Stage 5, learners experience a range of different strategies to develop their content knowledge.  Teachers design research tasks to provide learners the opportunity to explore the content independently before applying it in lessons. These include presentations, debates or constructing responses to exam style questions. Learners are encouraged to collaborate with their peers and evaluate the work of others to deepen their understanding of marking instructions and exam expectations.  Within Key Stage 5, learners will experience examinations throughout the year under real exam conditions, which aim to prepare them with the strategies to be successful in their final examinations including time management and organisation.  In conjunction with resources provided by teachers to share their vast subject knowledge, learners will have the opportunity to use their devices throughout lessons to research, access support and challenge materials in a range of formats including webpages, journal articles and videos to suit their learning style. A-level teachers ensure many opportunities for independent work are embedded within their courses to prepare learners for their next phase of learning at university or for application into world of work.