Key Stage 2 Pedagogy

In Key Stage Two, we continue the learning through themed projects known as Imaginative Learning Projects (ILPs). As in Key Stage One, this hooks the students into the topic and provides an exciting vehicle to deliver the National Curriculum for England. Recently, these have included themed days such as ‘Mexico Day’ or ‘Viking Day.’ In others ILPs we have held art exhibitions or have gone on external visits. We believe that by providing enriching experiences, learning will be more memorable. External visits are planned carefully to ensure they link strongly with the learning taking place. The aim of these visits is to provide something which may not be possible in school; taking the children to explore the street art of the city, giving them the opportunity to discover the scientific forces that allow rollercoasters to move or to learn about conservation in the ocean. Additionally, we use visits to teach children about the culture of the UAE, such as a visit to the falconry centre to learn about a beloved sport in the UAE. All visits across GEMS Founders School are carefully planned and full risk assessments are carried out before visits are authorised. Our teachers promote the use of a range of digital technology within the Imaginative Learning Projects to innovate and express their learning.