Middle Leadership Team

Megan Yearworth
Head of Foundation Stage 1
Gemma Parker
Head of Foundation Stage 2
Aimee Hassan
Head of Year 1
Marion McCullagh
Head of Year 2
Emma White
Head of Year 3
Vibha Soni
Head of Year 4
David O'Sullivan Glynn
Head of Year 5
Jessica Scott
Head of Year 6
Kevin Henry
Head of Modern Foreign Language and Head of Year 8
Connor Rambellas Roche
Head of Year 9
Edward Nutt
Head of Year 10
Kerri Taws
Head of Year 12
Mary Botros
Head of EAL (English as an Additional Language)
Hanaa Mohamed
Head of Arabic B
Shahida Islam
Head of Science - Secondary
Harshan Nalaka
Head of SENDO
Stephen Kearney
Head of Computing
Abdou Ghazy
Head of Arabic A
Awad Abouakl
Head of Islamic Studies
Shaima Abdlerahman
Head of Foundation Stage Arabic and Islamic
Laura Canavan
Head of English - Primary - Early Years
Catherine Flynn
Head of English - Secondary
Delzin Dastoor
Head of English - Primary - KS 2
Jack Winston
Head of Humanities and Social Sciences
Mark Whittaker
Head of Maths - Primary - Early Years
Eimear McGann
Head of Science - Primary - KS2
Katie Hyland
Head of Maths - Primary - KS 2
John Barker
Deputy Head of Physical Education
Warren Grobler
Head of Extra Curricular Physical Education
Sahil Kundra
Head of Music
Jamie Hagan
Head of Art
Amy Marshall
Lead Practitioner - Early Years
Georgia Nicole Jennings
Lead Practitioner - Primary KS2
Dina Hemdan Elsayed Antar
Lead Practitioner - Arabic and Islamic
Fiona Swann
Lead Practitioner - Teaching Assistants
Sreeja Shankar
Strategy Coordinator - Mindfulness
Krupa Sam
Strategy Coordinator - Character
Amal Jama
Strategy Coordinator - Languagues and Cultural Awarenes
Carl Burgess
Head of Fire House
Christopher Maitland
Head of Air House
Daniel Marshall
Head of Water House
Della Cordeiro
Strategy Coordinator for Independent Learning
Hannah Monk
Head of Earth House