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GFS Radio show started as just a dream. The student leaders, who are the Radio Jockey mentors and the Radio Jockeys, have been the back bone of this show and really brought it to life. It has been incredible to see our thoughts grow and manifest exponentially. The show embarked on its very interesting and unique journey during the quarantine period on 16th April 2020. Special celebrities- Brent black from Virgin Radio and Malavika Varadan from City 101.6 joined us virtually to launch this Radio show.

GFS Radio show’s content and elements are developed, molded and structured by our student leadership team. The student leaders started this journey by auditioning the Radio Jockeys. These Radio Jockey mentors continue to work with the Radio Jockeys to prepare them further for the show.

GFS Radio is designed to adapt the curriculum and enrich learners’ experience. The show mainly focuses on developing communication, self-confidence and inter personal skills. It is a great platform for our GFS learners to unravel the world around them by researching the content for the show. The show has been incredibly successful and welcomed with a standing ovation from our wider community.

Stay tuned for more successful stories from GFS Radio.

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