Shaima Abdlerahman

Deputy Head of Arabic Language and Literature

[email protected]

"Hello. My name is Shaimaa Abdelrahman, the Deputy Head of Arabic at GFS. 

Having completed my Bachelors in Childhood and Education, I have been teaching Arabic for non-native speakers for more than 17 years, half of them in Dubai and still counting. What I like most about teaching Arabic is when I see my students’ connect with the Arabic language and culture, and how it develops with every new word they learn. 

I am passionate about ensuring that students are given all opportunities they need for learning Arabic through a curriculum that engages and challenges them. I believe that GFS school is not only a place to learn academic skills, it is also a place where learners can enjoy, learn and gain experience in life.

 My message to the students is ‘” Always keep discovering new things”

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