Sameia Ali

Head of Psychology

[email protected]

Hi my name is Sameia Ali, I am the Head of Student Welfare, Head of Psychology and a Psychology teacher here at GFS. I started GFS in January last year and I am originally from Greater Manchester in the UK.

Understanding the brain and human behaviour within a scientific context has been a lifelong passion. So much so, that it led to me pursuing a career as a Psychologist within the National Health Service in the UK, providing interventions and therapies for individuals of all age groups experiencing psychological distress and mental illnesses in various acute settings.  And later as a research Psychologist with the university of Liverpool, here I was given many opportunities to hold various lectures and conferences for staff and students- and so developed a love for teaching, and eventually moved into education. I spent the first few years of my teaching career in an outstanding sixth form in the UK, before moving to another outstanding International school in Russia (Moscow) taking on various leadership roles. Previously I have taught Sociology, History, RE, English, Citizenship and Health and Social Care.

In particular, I have a keen interest in the Psychology of teaching and learning, as it enables us to understand the social, emotional and cognitive processes that underpin lifelong learning.

Here at GFS, I look forward to imparting my knowledge and passion for psychology and sociology to the students. I hope to be able to help students develop an understanding of the core principals of each subject and more importantly, I am keen to encourage students to develop their critical thinking and analytical skills.

Building positive relationships with students in a classroom environment is fundamental in teaching and learning, I often sprinkle positivity and words of wisdom to my students.

My philosophy is ‘’Believing in one’s dreams, leads to big ideas which can lead to innovations and changes for the future’’- Dare to Dream!

Other than my immense passion for my specialist subjects, I also enjoy the Arts, travelling- having been fortunate to travel to some beautiful countries, some of my favourites being, Russia, China, Canada, Qatar, and Italy amongst many more. Keeping fit regularly is also very important to me (weight training, boxing, spinning and running are just a few of my physical pursuits.)

I have really enjoyed basking in the beautiful weather Dubai has to offer, as well exploring its scenic views, which may eventually turn into a painted canvas and a personal treasure on one of my walls soon!

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