Nagalakshmi Gajendra

Assistant Year Leader Year 5

[email protected]

"This will be my sixth year at GFS. I am originally from India but have been working and living in the United Arab Emirates since 2006. I have been fortunate enough to teach a wide variety of age groups over my 11 years of experience in GEMS UK curriculum schools in Ks2, and this year will mark my fourth year in a Middle Leadership Role and first year as an Assistant Head of the year. From a very early age, I realised the immeasurable impact an inspirational teacher can have on a young person's life, and I strive to achieve just that in my classroom and across the school. I firmly believe that children will reach their full potential if they feel safe, cared for and respected within their learning environment. Those criteria form the foundation of my teaching philosophy. As an Assistant Head of the year and a former Head of the House, I strongly believe that pastoral care is of utmost importance and plays a vital role in a child's life. I look forward to creating future leaders by building a healthy, dynamic, secure, and resilient community. I am thrilled to work closely with our student council team again this year to steer this vision."

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