Jennifer Duggan

Local Advisory Board Member

Jennifer Duggan has been leading OxfordAQA Examinations in the UAE since October 2018, her previous role was as Senior Educational Consultant for Oxford University Press.  Prior to her time at The Press, Jennifer worked at Pearson Edexcel as an Key Account Manager across the Middle East. Before publishing and assessment, Jennifer travelled the International school circuit for over 12 year,  teaching Science across curriculum and key stages. After learning her trade in UK comprehensive schools, Jennifer spent four years teaching  primary to AP Sciences in Bermuda. Following a brief stint in Moscow, she returned to sunnier climes, teaching IB at JESS, Dubai and leading the Science Department at Kings’ Al Barsha. Jennifer holds Bachelor in Science (B.A. Mod.)  in Microbiology from University of Dublin, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. She also obtained her teaching qualifications from Trinity College. Jennifer is immensely passionate about education,  in particular championing fair assessment allowing equal opportunities for all learners irrespective of culture, gender or ethnicity. 
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