Rebecca Tuckwell

Head of Humanities

[email protected]

My name is Rebecca Tuckwell and I am the Head of Humanities at GEMS Founders School, overseeing the History and Geography departments, and a teacher of History. I have always been fascinated about the history of the world we live in, how our pasts have shaped the World we live in today, and the incredible connections our histories have. As a young child, my parents took my brother and I across the country to explore castles, tunnels and other historical sites, and this is where my passion for Humanities subjects grew. I was intrigued as to how our geographical locations and the movement of people all entertwined with the Histories that so greatly impacted and still impact upon us today.

I continued my passions in my further education studies, gaining a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Reading in 2013, and then my Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) with the University of Wolverhampton.

Growing up I was lucky to have had the opportunity to travel. I strongly believe that this opportunity to explore gave me an appreciation for different cultures, traditions and their histories, which is something that I am eager and passionate about sharing with our young people. 

I am excited for the year that we have ahead of us and the incredible Humanities curriculum that the team have created here at GFS. I hope that we can ignite the same passion and excitement for History and Geography into our students this year, as I am lucky enough to still hold from my own experience of school today.