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Welcome to the House System at GFS! This year we have lots of new and exciting changes and events happening. The information below will tell you about these changes and all you need to know about the house you are in at GFS!

Who are your House Leaders?       

  • Earth Frogs – Ms. Nagalakshmi
  • Fiery Phoenixes – Ms. Bethany
  • Air Dragons – Mr. Tom
  • Water Wolves – Ms. Kat

What’s new this year?

  • House mascots
  • House songs
  • House poses
  • Calendar of events shared weekly
  • Leadership opportunities for Year 5-13 learners
  • House Instagram pages
  • Microsoft Teams Channels
  • House assemblies

House Mascots:

  • Earth Frogs
  • Fiery Phoenixes
  • Air Dragons
  • Water Wolves

The house mascots were decided by our learners at GFS. A competition for them to create a house mascot was held last year. We had lots of different ideas and entries and eventually decided on the mascots listed above. We are very excited to have mascots attached to each house as we are able to refer to each house by their animal mascots, creating a strong bond between us all.




House Songs:

  • Earth Frogs – Crazy Frog (Axel F)
  • Fiery Phoenixes – Firework (Katy Perry)
  • Air Dragons – Put Your Hands Up in the Air (Danzel)
  • Water Wolves – Blue Da Ba Dee (Eiffle 65)

Our house songs have already been a huge success with our learners this year. These songs are played weekly when the results are announced. We also play these at various events and competitions that we run throughout the year. If you do not know your house song yet…get to know it!


House Poses:

All four houses have a different pose, and this is related to the house mascot. Learners show us their house pose when we see them around school and during competitions. Have a look below to see each house pose…make sure you learn your house pose!


If you would like to find out more about the competitions each week follow your House on Instagram:

  • Earth Frogs – @gfsearthhouse
  • Fiery Phoenixes – @gfsfirehouse
  • Air Dragons – @gfsairhouse
  • Water Wolves - @gfswaterhouse 
Our Student Leaders

Strategic Directions

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